Outback Queensland 2020


2020 has been a year like no other.

All-encompassing natural disasters, economic hardship, worldwide and unparalleled social fall-out.

It began with a drought that took the life out of the Australian landscape, wild bush fires that devastated entire towns and floods that washed away communities.

It shifted to a global pandemic that reduced normal human contact in an instant.

Then crowds around the globe defied the need for social isolation, to challenge inequality and racial divides.

While seemingly disconnected, these events have a common thread. They have led us to pause, learn and listen as a new world evolves.

‘BUSH’ is a socio-cultural study of those who maintain a strong sense of community connection, mutual respect and shared purpose.

As we explore the timeless Australian outback, often cushioned from the constant flux of ever-changing trends and technology, we celebrate champions of inclusion and diversity.

Far from a nostalgic, rose-tinted view of traditional Australian life, this is a story of quiet, positive evolution.

It reminds us how the challenges of a harsh environment can shape character and forge a sense of unity often missing in our fragile, modern society.

These tight-knit communities have a steadfast quality that provides an enviable sense of pride and purpose. For generations they’ve faced unrelenting hardship. And still, they rise to their feet, brush themselves off, and push on.

What can we learn from this stoicism, this resilience?

Is their sense of resolute determination a beacon for us all?


BUSH the Book

‘BUSH’ encapsulates this spirit through documentary portraiture and photographic storytelling in a large format, meticulously crafted coffee table book.

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